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 ExGaming Rules.

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ExGaming* Line

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PostSubject: ExGaming Rules.   Mon May 06, 2013 8:14 am

Hello all ExGaming members

if you are in the clan you should walk on this Rules

1 - Wear the clan tag ExGaming* all the time on servers and on forums , or you will be warned

2 - If you got busted using cheats on servers , you will be removed immediately

3 - You will be tested before being accepted

4 - Respect members and avoid getting in troubles , and no racism

5 - Respect other clans

6 - You can't be in 2 or more clans , choose one clan

7 - Clan war members must be active and ready for clan wars

Breaking rules will cause kicking you of ( after
being warned )
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ExGaming Rules.
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